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Bodybuilding has more benefits than any other sport, especially if you begin at a young age, such as 20 or so.

Yet, bodybuilding can be injurious for teenagers. It is good to always exercise, especially at a very young age. But bodybuilding is strenuous and if too much stress is placed on a skeletal frame that is still growing it can be detrimental.

You see elderly people, as young as 60-years-old, just sitting around doing nothing or they just walk extremely slow and wobble and that is because their bodies are worn out. You don't have to be that way EVER!

It is each person's choice to live a strong and healthy life, or a weak and sick life.


Supplements are not needed to build muscle, and cannot build muscle on their own. They are not like when you take an aspirin and the headache goes away.

For supplements to affect the body it must be put to work. You don’t need to work out strenuously or work out at all, but you have to do some type of exercise.

Teenagers should not ever take supplements, they can cause serious health problems. Once the person stops growing is the time to take supplements and body build.


Why Build Muscle Mass?

Bodybuilding is intense and it changes the body, making it stronger and more powerful.å

Building muscle mass not only makes life simpler, but it slows down the regular normal decline of muscle. Muscle never dies, but if not used it will go to sleep.

For example, if you build muscle while you are in your twenties and then stop using them they will become dormant, but then let's say when you are in your fifties you start doing strenuous work. The muscles will wake up and be prevalent.

You can start building muscle at any age (as long as the growing process has completed), but starting young is better. Muscle never dies, but will go to sleep and will stay that way until it is woken up.


Benefits of Bodybuilding

  • Lowers Heart Rate
  • Reduces The Risk Of Heart Disease
  • Controls Cholesterol
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Reduces The Risk Of Colon Cancer
  • Reduces The Risk Of Stroke
  • Promotes Strong And Healthy Bones
  • Stronger Circulatory System And Lungs
  • Better Skin Tone
  • Weight Loss And Maintenance
  • Controls Blood Sugar
  • Helps With Pain Tolerance
  • Improves Your Intellectual Capacity
  • Promotes Flexibility
  • Reduces Backaches
  • Controls Physical And Emotional Stress
  • Promotes A Younger And Healthier Body
  • Prolonged Independence For The Older Person
  • Strengthens Immune
  • Gives You More Energy
  • Regulates Your Body's Waste System
  • Better Health Overall
  • Improves Your Sleep
  • Gives An Overall Sense Of Well Being